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12 months – 2½ years

Our beautiful self-contained baby & toddler room is laid out in a way that supports individual progression and development from rolling, crawling to sitting and standing. The specially chosen equipment is used to support each child in all aspects of their development and provide further opportunities to progress alongside all other areas of learning through a playful and play-based approach. Each safe and secure area ensures that the highest possible standards of care can be delivered every minute of every day in a warm and welcoming environment.

As your baby or toddler grows and develops their day will be filled with activities and opportunities provided through a variety of toys and resources including heuristic play, treasure baskets, exploration, messy play, outdoor play and walks to the park all combined with hugs and cuddles.

By providing a variety of learning opportunities, a key person is able to support your child’s physical, emotional, social and language development. Along with lots of talking, and adult interaction the day is filled with fun. The stimulating toys and interactive displays and photos are used to create a home from home feeling that stimulates and promotes their inquisitive natures and draws upon your child’s sensory development and the concept of learning through play.
Each day will be filled with enjoyment, laughter, songs and plenty of cuddles from our highly experienced Rabbits room practitioners who are always on hand to provide that little extra.

We value every child as an individual and we recognise your role as parents is a unique role as their first educators. Every child is allocated a key person when they start at St John’s Childcare. The key person will liaise closely with you regarding all aspects of your child’s care and development. A key person will develop a bond with your baby as they begin to settle into the unit and these stable and trusting relationships will last throughout their nursery life.

The Key person will record all aspects of your child’s day on their daily diary which they will feed back to you at the end of each day. This will document such things as sleep times, nappy changes, bottle feeds and any other special information we need to share with you. The diary also allows for parents to communicate back to the key person any information regarding their child at home.


2 – 3 years

Our toddler room has been tailored for the sociable and curious characters and minds who are wanting to explore their surroundings and develop their senses in a stimulating and inspiring setting. This room and its layout offer lots of construction and imaginative play to support their individual progression and development on the path they are developing along.

Our Foxes room is specifically designed to offer a vast and varied array of equipment, resources and materials to expand upon their rapidly developing skills but at the same time to encourage and support their independence and decision-making abilities.

As your child’s language development continues to further progress the room’s resources, our team and their newly found friends will be on hand to have and hold enjoyable interactions and conversation in contexts that they understand, be these verbally or through facial expressions and gestures to arts, drawing or even dance.

The positive and structured routine and environment for your child will incorporate giving and making choices to support them having a sense of control and choice throughout their day but at the same time will offer consistency and clear boundaries to support children in learning patience and empathy for others.

Each child will embark upon a personalised learning journey which will consist of lots of large group interactions and play as well as special one to one time with our skilled and highly experienced practitioners to support and assist your child in offering a varied and fun-filled curriculum.

Planned and spontaneous activities are carried out daily to support the development of your child’s creative skills and early writing and mark making abilities.

Squirrels / Badgers / Hedgehogs

3 – 4 years

Our preschool rooms offer ample opportunities for the children to develop their needs. By providing an integrated, balanced, broad, stimulating curriculum, we aim to support individual children to learn and develop. Each area is laid out to reduce overcrowding and in a defined space to enhance learning and learning outcomes for each individual child.

The preschool offers a varied curriculum which includes both adult and child initiated curriculums. The rooms offer a wide range of technology equipment such as ICT software and computers. Imaginations also run wild within these rooms so frequently changing role play and home corner areas, floor play, small world and construction toys offer lots of opportunities for children to get lost in the wonderful world of imagination. We aim to provide opportunities to build on their existing knowledge and ideas. As they grow they begin to understand the ability to classify, organise and apply knowledge to their everyday tasks.

The clear routine ensures that through the day the children are offered a variety of resources to ensure that they are working towards meeting the curriculum and our team are there to support and enhance this development and to recognise their achievements and the progress being made.

The early years setting is only one part of the child’s world and therefore we aim to reflect the child’s cultural background with our resources and celebrations. Positive images addressing equality in all areas feature in displays and resources and cultural and linguistic diversity are celebrated and supported.

From these rooms we prepare children to make their transition from nursery to school.